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The United Benefice of Breedon and Worthington
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The Story of St. Mary and St. Hardulph Church


Hardly anyone who has had cause to write extensively for either pleasure or guidance on Leicestershire fails to make comment on Breedon on the Hill.

Below are listed a few of the works one has had cause to check against more closely than others.

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Recent discoveries at Breedon on the Hill (Lough: Arch: Soc: Bulletin 1959) B. C. J. Williams.
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Photo studes from Courtauld Institute of Art.

I am also indebted to the National Library of Stockholm, Sweden.

For photo copies of the Tatwin Enigmata from, the British Library London.

To the Abbot and Brother Robert McGregor of Mount Saint Bernard Abbey, Leicestershire for arranging a translation of the Tatwin poems - and Father Theodore whose Scholarship has given us the modern translation.

My thanks are due also to Mr. W. S. Moffat M.Sc. of Loughborough University for the Geological details in the guide, Glyn Barnett for the photography, Stephen Nevin for the design and co-ordination, who together with the enthusiasm of many local Breedon parishioners made this Breedon story possible.

B. W (1996)

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